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What is this?

Secret Breakfast is an exclusive food newsletter founded by Piero Macchioni. It’s free. Every week you’ll receive prime food for thought and game-changing recipes. You'll discover the missing ingredients in your daily life or nibble the crunchy angles that umami our existence in new and dangerous ways.

Can you be more specific?

If food is your passion, or maybe is related to your job, with Secret Breakfast you’ll get some lateral thinking about ingredients, recipes, tools, books, trends, people and ideas that can make the difference in your life. Think about the pinch of salt with your chocolate, the freshly grounded coffee before the brew, think about the details that make the difference every single time. In the way we eat and in the way we live.

I’m not a cook, I’m not a foodie, why should I subscribe?

Well, they say that wherever you go, food and sky will always follow you. What we eat is part of the world we grow. What we share at the table is how we take care of the people we love. Food, ultimately, is a way to understand better people, places, memories, desires. And, as I see it, a way to enjoy life.

Aren’t you trying to sell us stuff?

No, I’m not. A newsletter is a medium based on trust. And to be trustworthy and build something I need to be 100% free. The newsletter has been chosen to escape the (winning) living-ad-model we’re experiencing through social media, that is not wrong at all but lacks something if you’re searching for authenticity.


No, I’m not.

Who are you?

This is Piero Macchioni, journalist, food passionate, fermenting mind, open web believer and follower of the article 15 of the Italian Constitution.
Privacy and legal stuff are here, via Mailchimp. The ball, you see, will be always in your hand.

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